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released March 6, 2015

Photography by Nick Burdan



all rights reserved


Golden Records Ontario

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Track Name: Wolfman
I left my keys behind
So I knocked at your front door
I let myself inside and checked
The couch and bedroom floor

I could hear the shower going

The sun was coming through
The window where I bent
And as you stepped outside you saw me
In a silhouette

I could see that you were frightened

You said I thought it was a wolfman

And in sometimes in our bed
From the corner of my eye
I see you waiting for the moon
With your fingers on the light
Track Name: Hitchiking
You belong to a dust up
You belong to a fight
You belong to a red dress so pretty
They’re blind to the wine spilled last night

You belong to Roy Orbison
Mouthing along to In Dreams
I belong with a coin on this jukebox
in search of a song that sells me

You belong to the truck stops
Up in the air like a gas
I belong on the side of this road
Asleep in mosquitoes and grass

You belong to the ocean
You belong with the sharks
I’ll take my bike to the river, get undressed
and lie on this dock in the dark.
Track Name: Scum of the Earth
Thinking about you is all I really do these days
My friends say I’m losing my head
But I don’t I care while you’re up here with me

Walking around with my hands tucked inside my sleeves
At 4 a.m. this town’s asleep
And I’m waiting for morning to awake

Standing on this bridge
Snowflakes falling dead upon my lips
Light just they’re bringing me a kiss
But I can’t recognize your mouth in all this

I watched her dance all night
She moved just like a bird and looked all right
Maybe if I just find out her name I’ll go home

Thinking about you is all I really do these days
My friends say I’m losing my way
But I don’t care cause you’re up here with me

And they weren’t there when you sat right upon my lap
Said, Babe, please wait til I get back
Well that’s a promise that I’m gonna keep
I’m gonna keep
And so I’ll keep running down these streets
Track Name: Some Nights
From the only road
We took a path that went along the railway tracks
Til it got cold
I saw your arms curl, but you wouldn’t take my coat
So we walked on
With my chest pressed to your back
What a lark
Tripping through the dark
Your feet on mine
and the weight of our bodies entwined

Downstairs to your room
The basement smelled like make-up, TV turned up
Drowning out the noise
You said, sometimes at night I think I’m drowning
Get me out of here
Instead we fell asleep
And some nights
When the winter’s making light
I remind myself what we don’t begin can never end
And now that we’re just friends
We can talk for hours about almost anything