After Dancing

by Golden Records

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released September 1, 2015

photography by Nick Burdan



all rights reserved


Golden Records Ontario

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Track Name: Red Rover
I should have brought you the gun
Shot out to hell and yelled “don’t look, just run”
Arms linked to fall
But not ready to call
Braced for a hit that I knew wouldn’t come

She was only sixteen years old
A dream of the girls I’d known
With a name on her back
And a thumb against a match
And a photograph

I should have told you myself
This summer love would be bad for your health
Track Name: After Dancing
We’ve been dancing for an hour since last call
And I don’t need to know your name to know it all
Well if you think you have the time
For this adulterous heart of mine
If you think you have the time
I'll follow

Other girls, well they’re long gone, and that’s their right
But their ghosts keep hanging on and picking fights
Over all the same mistakes
A guy like me can’t seem to shake
Come in close if you can make it right

I don’t mean to be out of line
I mean who’d want to take the time
But girl I like the way you shine
On this adulterous heart of mine
So if you think you have the time
I'll follow
Track Name: Touch Me Not
You couldn’t say the words and so you took him to your bed
Saw the future in disguise

He wanted you to marry so you packed a bag instead
Cut the prairies open wide

Beneath pink glass
You can’t get past

Someone said the other day that you weren’t gonna die
That took a lot of pressure off

Asked a man to dance and soon your hair was in his eyes
Talked a while inside his truck

Above birds made
A black figure eight